10 Tips to have a minimalist and practical kitchen

The kitchen can be one of those places where we accumulate all kinds of pots and utensils without realizing it. On his Netflix show To order with Marie Kondo! , the guru of order, Marie Kondo, recommends “detoxifying” of all those things that do not make us happy and that we do not use to achieve balance and peace. The recipe to achieve a minimalist and not necessarily insipid kitchen combines the order, the organization of our items and the sober designs to make this space a dream place.

1. Dispose of junk

Objects and utensils that are only in the kitchen to accumulate dust are an obstacle to maintaining a clean, orderly space and, therefore, with a minimalist aesthetic . From old sources that we no longer use to broken napkin rings, stuck juicers and all kinds of useless objects: we need to eliminate everything that is damaged or that we no longer use.

  • Tip: empty the cupboards and closets to see everything we have and, in this way, realize what we have left over and what we really need. To make the task easier, we can make a subdivision of objects, such as “cleaning supplies”, “kitchen tools” and “food”. After sorting things out, we need to select a place to save each category.

2. Clear the hob

The countertops full of objects not only break the visual aesthetics, but also make it difficult for us to move and space when cooking. It is necessary to release them in order to achieve a clean and spacious kitchen at first glance. This will make it look even bigger.

  • Tip: install hooks to hang pots and utensils, or metal bands to place the knives in an alienated way. This will allow us to clear the countertop and achieve a minimalist effect.

3. Store utensils in compartments inside the drawers

Although we have made the exterior of the kitchen look clean and uncluttered, the effort will be wasted if we do not order the interior of each cupboard or drawer. Containers with individual compartments, which we can easily find in many stores, are used to classify utensils and allow us to find what we are looking for quickly.

  • Tip: if we place the elements  vertically in compartments, we will save a lot of space inside each drawer.

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