10 times Airbnb and its hosts surprised us with creating truly unique stays

There is no doubt that Airbnb has broken paradigms in the world of hospitality and tourism. And when it comes to surprising your guests, your hosts have dared to design rooms that have gone beyond the conventional. And although most of these accommodations were only available for a limited time, they undoubtedly turned out to be exceptional experiences in the lives of some lucky ones.

1. From soccer stadiums to baseball fields

Airbnb has created numerous special overnight stays for sports fans. Among the most prominent is the dream come true for soccer fans: like a Brazilian couple who was able to sleep one night at the  Maracanã Stadium in Brazil with Renato Gaúcho as their host. Or how about the call you launched in 2017 so that an entire family could sleep on the Audi Cup Soccer Field  ?

Their dream getaway also came true for a couple who had the opportunity to wake up in  Fenway Park , home of the Boston Red Sox, and for a loving granny a basketball and Chicago Bulls fan .

2. The bedroom of a famous work by Vincent Van Gogh

In 2016, the Chicago Institute of Modern Art made this possible through Airbnb and, as part of an advertising campaign to promote its Van Gogh’s Bedrooms exhibition , created a replica of one of the artist’s most famous works: The Bedroom at Arles . Fun fact: the painter made three almost identical paintings from the same bedroom between 1888 and 1889.

The room was recreated in an apartment located in the River North neighborhood of Chicago. The rate to spend one night in this unique accommodation was only 10 USD and included, in addition, access to the exhibition in the museum. As expected, the campaign went viral and was a resounding success.

3. Creepy rooms that gave your guests the creeps!

These are stays for fans of horror (and the bravest, of course). For example, in 2015, on the occasion of Halloween, Airbnb launched a contest to sleep one night in  the Catacombs of Paris , along with 6 million other souls! Not creepy enough? Well, on Halloween night the following year, two guests had the opportunity to spend the night in the castle that inspired Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula! Among the rules of this terrifying accommodation, it was forbidden to wear silver jewelry. What a way to celebrate Halloween!

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