10 Things You Use Every Day That You Probably Didn’t Know Were Invented By Women

Women are used to dealing with the difficulties they encounter in the labor market and in everyday life in general, which are due, neither more nor less, to gender inequality. That is why it is surprising to know what important inventions that we still use were developed by brave women, who undoubtedly broke the standards of the time in which they lived and left us a legacy.

10. Windshield wiper

This indispensable tool to ensure good visibility for drivers on rainy days was created and  patented by Mary Anderson in 1903, who came up with the idea after having to drive in the middle of a snowfall, realizing the difficulty and importance to keep the windshield clean.

9. Coffee filter

Melitta bentzAs a housewife, she found the cleaning of the fabric coffee filters that were used at that time extremely tedious. So, she decided to try new ways to filter it. After doing some tests, she decided to take a tin cup and drill several holes in it. She took a sheet of paper from her son’s notebook, filtered the drink, and the result was surprising. Melitta registered the patent in 1908 and soon started her own business. Years later, during the First World War, the company had to face many difficulties, but it managed to grow despite everything. Melitta was also concerned about the well-being of her employees, who decided to increase the vacation period, reduce the working day, give them Christmas bonuses and create a social fund for them. Today, the company remains firm,

8. Syringe for injections

The American nurse, Letitia Mumford Geer , was responsible for the creation of the first piston-operated syringe, which was produced in 1899. This implement allowed doctors to handle everything with one hand. Without a doubt, this was an important innovation for the healthcare area, and it spread to many other sectors, as well as serving as a starting point for the syringe we know today.

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