10 talented kids whose inventions can save humanity

Louis Braille was 15 when he invented his reading and writing system for the blind, and Benjamin Franklin was 12 when the idea of ​​creating flippers came to mind. To become a genius inventor, all you need is inspiration, willpower, and self-confidence, and the young protagonists in our selection today are proof of that.

1. Jack Andraka, USA, 16 years old: a test to diagnose cancer

After the death of a loved one, Jack became interested in the early diagnosis of cancer. He studied scientific publications and set out to create a method to detect pancreatic cancer, an almost asymptomatic disease that could only be detected in its most advanced stages.

For 7 months, after school, the young man worked in a laboratory. The result of many experiments was the creation of a small system that detects mesothelin in the blood. An excess of this protein indicates the presence of malignant tumors in a person.

2. Valentin Frechka, Ukraine, 18 years old: paper made from fallen leaves

Eleventh grade student Valentin Frechka invented a technology for making paper from fallen leaves. This invention will help stop deforestation and make the production of this material environmentally friendly.

From a ton and a half of raw material, up to 20 thousand sheets of paper in A4 format can be obtained. For its manufacture, any type of leaves is suitable, but the best come from oak. From the waste you can obtain the substance lignin, an excellent fuel. For such an unusual use of fallen leaves, Valentin received the gold medal at the 2018 Genius Olympiad in the United States.

3. Sergei Jaliávin, Russia, 17: A  Computer Mouse for Hands-Free People

Sergei Jaliávin was in the eleventh grade when he came up with the idea of ​​creating a  mouse for people without hands. In this way, I was looking to help a friend who could not work on a computer in the usual way. The invention resembles a sandal with a conventional mouse control plate  , and can be operated with the toes.

Sergei says he got used to the device in just a week, and was even able to play video games using it. A technology teacher assisted the student in the development of the device, which was highly valued at the Moscow Archimedes International Exhibition of Inventions and Innovative Technologies – 2016.

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