10 Items Every Housewife Should Have In Her Kitchen

Most modern housewives have heard this phrase at least once: “What do you want a dishwasher for? We have always washed the dishes with our hands and nothing has happened to us ”. The presence of devices that facilitate housework is considered a manifestation of laziness. But we consider that it is not about laziness, but about a respectful treatment of our valuable time. Why spend hours tidying up the kitchen after dinner, when there are appliances that can help us with this task?

Splash guard

When cooking, inevitably drips of oil or sauce splatter behind the stove or on the counter. Cleaning all this is not easy, and we can even damage the countertop or the wall, in case your kitchen is not covered with tiles. However, there is a way to make it simpler: You can buy a splash guard and place it around the stove while you prepare food. They are reusable and easy to clean. Such protectors will save you from extra work and unnecessary stains.

Holder for pot lid and shovel

There is no special place to put the shovel or the bucket while we are not using them. So where do we put them? In the table? In this case, they will leave a stain and you will need to clean frequently. We usually put a plate next to the stove and put the ladle there. However, a special support takes up less space: on one side you can put the lid of a pot so that the fat or water does not drain on the table and on the other, the shovel.

Holder for phone or tablet

We frequently use the phone in the kitchen: there are times when we have to be looking at a recipe, taking the time, or simply wanting to see our social networks while the meat is being prepared. So that the smartphone or tablet does not bother you, but at the same time they are at your fingertips, you can purchase a special holder.

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