10 easy ideas to make Halloween a unique and homemade holiday


One of the favorite holidays of many of us, Halloween, is coming up, and one of the funniest things about this event is when it comes time to dress up and decorate the house. However, we know that it is sometimes difficult to get a complete and original costume for the date without spending too much money on it. But do not worry! We put together some ideas that will surely surprise you due to the ease with which you can carry them out, without resorting to much more than the objects you already have in your home.

1. Queen’s crown

Take a plastic headband and several cable ties (you will need a little more than 10). Wrap each one around the accessory and then, with gold paint, paint everything and let it dry. Once dry, you can use your homemade crown!

2. Pirate hook

Take an old clothespin and a plastic cup. Make a small hole in the tip of the container and insert the hook. Now you can surprise your friends with your pirate hook!

3. Zombie Hands

Take a pair of old socks. Put them on your hand and sew following the shape of your fingers. Take a scissors and cut around the seams, achieving something similar to a glove. Lastly, glue false nails to the stocking. Three simple steps and you already have original zombie hands that are very easy to do.

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